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Jordan Rodin

Born in Hagen (Germany) into an artistic family, JR is a jazz violinist and†a†classical viola-player. His mother was a principal dancer and his father a concert master, music professor and composer. He has played the violin since the age of 5, studied at The Hamburg Conservatory (Hamburger Konservatorium) and performed for few years in James Last Orchestra. Since 1989, JR has played the viola in the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra. Despite his classical education, his big passion are jazz and swing. He played the violin and the mandolin in Premier Swingtett (2005-2015), as well as the five string violin (as a guest) in pergŁnth and in Jot-Jot Duo. In December 2015 he formed in Hamburg the band Les Hommes Du Swing together with Axel Burkhard (bass), Jeffry Weiss (guitar), and Roberto Weiss (guitar).